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BGP communities in use at AS50156


Boxed IT network route (originated or downlink)50156:50156

Received from transit provider50156:3000
  Received from Unix-Solutions transit50156:3010
  Received from IPWorks transit50156:3020
  Received from BCH transit50156:3030
  Received from Hurricane Electric transit50156:3040

Received from peering partner50156:4000
  Received at BelgiumIX50156:4010
    Received at BelgiumIX (direct peering)50156:4011
    Received at BelgiumIX (through route server)50156:4012


Do not announce to any transit50156:10000
Do not announce to Unix-Solutions transit50156:10010
Do not announce to IPWorks transit50156:10020
Do not announce to BCH transit50156:10030
Do not announce to Hurricane Electric transit50156:10040

Do not announce to any peering50156:11000
Do not announce to BelgiumIX peering50156:11010

Prepend n [n of 1..4] times to Unix-Solutions transit50156:2001n
Prepend n [n of 1..4] times to IPWorks transit 50156:2002n
Prepend n [n of 1..4] times to BCH transit 50156:2003n
Prepend n [n of 1..4] times to Hurricane Electric transit 50156:2004n

Prepend n [n of 1..4] times to BelgiumIX50156:2101n

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