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Peering policy

AS50156 generally has an open peering policy on public peering points. Private peering can be arranged on case by case basis.
We will generally peer with anyone who wants to, where infrastructure permits.

We do not require a peering contract, but may sign one if we feel it is worth it and we agree to the content.

  • You must have an Autonomous System Number assigned by a Regional Internet Registry, and use the BGP4 protocol for peering sessions.
  • You must not be a Boxed IT IP transit downstream.
  • You must not abuse the peering relationship by doing any of the following: point default route, reset next hop, sell or give next hop to others, etc.
  • You must announce no prefix longer than /25.
  • You may implement prefix filters on the peering connection but if you choose to do so, must keep them up to date daily through our IRR data.
  • You should keep your IRR data also up to date so we can filter appropriately if deemed necessary.
We are listed on PeeringDB.

Our default prefix-limit is 25, unless at the start of the peering the amount of prefixes is over 20. When reaching prefix-limits without leaks, the prefix-limit will be raised to twice the amount of prefixes you announce.

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